Faith Faith Faith, Faith in God and faith in yourself, it is the key to success.


You will find people often telling you that it takes strength and wisdom to let go, sadly many miss out the fact that it takes up more dedicated strength, wisdom and a stronger faith to hold on. Hold onto what you believe. Because success isn’t just about working hard, but is mostly relied on your faith, it’s about fighting in what you believe while the world tries to pull you down!

While the world says its torn stories to you, make yourself the unique one and tell the world what you and your faith has won. It is not a gift every soul is blessed with but the ones who are, it took them a lot to gain it. It took them Patience, Determination and Perseverance. Like every diamond is made out of extreme heat and pressure and it is then you see it shine bright, Faith is what causes a being to stand out in the crowd and be one of its kind. It’s true, letting go of things that which do not serve you anymore requires a lot of courage and pain but striving for something you believe is not everyone’s cup of tea! Because you fight for it to hold on, you wait for it with your sheer patience that you will make it till the end, you are more than just determined. You have kept your faith, and in on reaching the end, it’s all worth the wait.

“Faith is the art of holding onto things in spite of your changing moods and circumstances.” C.s Lewis

Nobody is going to believe you, because they don’t wear your shoes and do not blame them if they don’t. It is your journey and it is you have to make it. It is you who is blessed with the inimitable eminence. So have faith, you will make it, inshaAllah!

“Commence your journey with Faith, walk through it with Patience and win it by your Perseverance”- Saaj