Maybe, another day

Maybe from the chaos of this town,
I will soon get back home.
A home no one knows, a home unseen.

Maybe for the first or last, I will feel the bliss in me,
Wrapping me in its arms, hiding me in its veil.
Maybe I have no one to say, maybe I am still unheard.
But no one shall ever know, that this is all I dream and it is all I need to feel.

But my home is too far and I am wandering around the cities,
Still thinking I would be offered a ride.
A ride that will take me home, where I shall be loved and love
With no guilt and rather pride.

I am still in my dreams, maybe.
I am too afraid to open my eyes as the say.
But I shall return back to home I assure you.
Maybe, another day



Don’t judge your success, Judge what you Earned


Dalai Lama 14

Dalai Lama 14 said, “Judge your Success by what you had to give up, in order to get it.” Now, for most of us today “success” would be the highlight here, little do we care about the “what” that we plan to give up on and it’s obvious, for our focus is always succeeding, by hook or by crook. Many times in life we have to make certain choices and compromises, may that be of our time, sleep, rests and even relationships. Why? Because we so badly want to be successful. We are so busy making the Living that we forget to Live.
I personally believe in being ambitious, but on the cost of the precious things I already have and was gifted? No!That would never be a wise choice to make in the first place. How can you expect a person to be happy with something else and more when he cannot be content and thankful with what he already has or had? Now there, this is not to #inspire you to stop working for success. Make sure to read the whole article before you judge.

Success is when a person reaches his/her very goal he/she desired. We desire things we do not have in our possession. For someone who urges to gain something by letting go of his “already present” precious belongings would that be success? You know what’s the ugly truth? Anyone and everyone can make deals; and giving up your gifted precious possessions in order to gain something is a deal. A real success can only be achieved by a person who knows the Perfect Balance. A person who is determined and works crazy to gain his goal by protecting what he already has and was gifted with! Facing a challenge with his #precious, yet fighting to protect it and claiming his journey to his goal, now that’s my kind of Success.

Don’t let the phrase “You only know the value of a tooth when it’s gone” be your case here. The world will praise you by what they see from the outside, but what is inside will be yours to Live. Be passionate, be determined, be ambitious, be punctual, be focused but None on the cost of what you love, what was gifted to you and what gave a bright and beautiful meaning to your life. Remember you can only

Judge your success by What you are having to Give up, in order to Get It!