Too loud.

They sang in the most mesmeric of any tune,

Enthralled me with love and joy.

They danced with the thunder in their harmony,

Gypsies would say, “They are nature’s ploy”.


I would glare my eyes on them,

Hoping someday they would sing for me.

If I only knew their monsters there,

Prepared their dance for me.


That night I awaited them, till the sky fell dark and dull.

I prayed they heard my love, while I called them by my window sill.


Far away, choral heard from deep beneath the sea.

Precipitously, the moon fell and the mermaids danced to me.

I knew they sung, and sang for me until I heard them growl

They moved to close, to close with fangs and jolted the wolf to howl.

The monsters rose, the gypsies fled, the fear spread to cloud.

The tune they crooned, they sang too much, they sang to me too loud.

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