Who makes the Difference?

Fate was never in our hands, nor will it be, what others think and talk about us, are neither. We usually don’t control the happenings around us but the factor, over which we have the power, is controlling the peace of our mind.

People around you will never treat you the way you expect them to, so in the first place let’s just stop expecting from others (exceptions aren’t examples). But what you must keep in mind is it matters how you treat them because in the end it only reveals your identity. With your behavior you mark your individuality and uniqueness. There will come times where these very people will compel you to lose your control over yourself; these very people become the reason of your restlessness, but don’t yet let it just go. Hold on to your rope of patience little more, doesn’t matter if it has slipped a little or you are brought to the very edge of losing, hold it back. It is never worth losing up on yourself or belittling yourself over their thoughts because these very people were meant to be your test of this life and that’s it!

They will not rule over your mind, neither will they last for long to see what is going on in your life or your mind once they are done with their job. Except for those very few on whom you have probably lost to count on, will remain to hold onto your back till the end, and as said, they will be very few. Nonetheless, in the end, it will be You who will decide to lose or to win. What to lose in order to win that.

The choice will be yours to make, did you ever want it happening? Haven’t you ever dreamt it to come to pass? Will you just let them coerce into you? Would you let external factors now decide? Or is it you, who makes the difference?

Little but do we realise, it is not about the difference but Us – Saaj



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