It’s never too late

I settled myself to give up seeing the darkness around. Feared, I lost and wouldn’t make it anymore any further. I decided to let it go. I decided to walk off, but realized why would I relinquish what is mine? Why would I let disappear of the most beautiful dream I had? If I were one step closer then, I will begin my journey all over again.

Start over, doesn’t matter if you have fallen or been thrown. The world wouldn’t remember if you were dead, it will only remember if you rose.

Most of us only dishearten ourselves by recollecting the memories of how we lost. Very few have the strength to rise up from the ruins and get themselves termed as the heroes. All you need is to believe. Believe in yourself. Believe in the strength you are gifted with.

It’s pretty and simultaneously funny how people say, “You don’t know how strong you are unless being strong is the only option you have”. Well they will keep saying and trust me they have a lot to say! And that is exactly why they are here! What you need to learn is to show them the Ray of Hope you found within yourself when they were busy “saying”, the Ray of Mercy and the Ray of Faith you lit in you while they might have told you to give up and move on. Show them the ruins are yours and if you could build it of nothing, you can always re-build out of something, out of the remains you have left.

 Ray of Hope Capture Credit: Marcel =)

Capture Credit: Marcel Rainer =)


Start over, from all that was damaged and diminished.
Start over because it’s your choice.
Start over because you believe in it
Start over because it’s never too late!

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