Hope and Faith

A strand of Hope would do

A strand of Hope would do.

Once upon a time, there were two friends, Hope and Faith. They always stayed together and helped each other in every little thing. One day they had a quarrel and that made them part from each other. The other day while they were on their way to daily work, separately that is, they both faced some difficulties. Hope found some tree logs blocking its way. On the other hand, Faith trying to avoid Hope on the way chose a different route to work and lost directions. Hope hoped it would remove the logs or called somebody for help from anywhere around and all it did was, hope. While Faith who would always be confident that it is not to stop, gave up even before it could start finding a way out. After hours in vain and distress they both realized what they were missing. Hope to carry out the task needed Faith, in itself, with itself. And Faith to take its first step needed Hope, inspiring, providing it the push, the thrust, the initiation that it would make it. Now the question is will they unite?

So I will let my Faith stand strong when I see the ray of Hope

So I will let my Faith stand strong when I see the ray of Hope

Yes, Hope and Faith, the two different terms of almost, a synonym maybe? Well, they do have differences but I wouldn’t deny the fact that they go hand in hand. In every person the presence of both of these are very essential. One without hope cannot think of gaining any push in the first place in life and one without faith cannot proceed to fulfill his/her hopes. Hope and faith, both in own self is the key. You are confident, brave, independent, positive and foresighted this is when you know you are ready for your battle (wait on! Nobody asked you to take up that armor, take it easy pal!). This battle is more about you moving forward and staying firm that You will make it till the end, it is about You not to give up. And for that all you are going to need is, keep the hope up and faith coming from within you, that’s it. Let the society be your enemy, they were meant to be your exam!
This was my 3rd post on my first ever blog (this post is a little modified of course). And I would lie to myself if I said it is not my most favorite. I probably cannot explain enough how inspired I got while I pressed these words and you know its beauty? It still inspires me as if I am reading it for the very first time. It’s the trick; the magic power was built in you 😉

So let the Hope within you Rise and the Faith push you Forth.

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