Maybe, another day

Maybe from the chaos of this town,
I will soon get back home.
A home no one knows, a home unseen.

Maybe for the first or last, I will feel the bliss in me,
Wrapping me in its arms, hiding me in its veil.
Maybe I have no one to say, maybe I am still unheard.
But no one shall ever know, that this is all I dream and it is all I need to feel.

But my home is too far and I am wandering around the cities,
Still thinking I would be offered a ride.
A ride that will take me home, where I shall be loved and love
With no guilt and rather pride.

I am still in my dreams, maybe.
I am too afraid to open my eyes as the say.
But I shall return back to home I assure you.
Maybe, another day



Too loud.

They sang in the most mesmeric of any tune,

Enthralled me with love and joy.

They danced with the thunder in their harmony,

Gypsies would say, “They are nature’s ploy”.


I would glare my eyes on them,

Hoping someday they would sing for me.

If I only knew their monsters there,

Prepared their dance for me.


That night I awaited them, till the sky fell dark and dull.

I prayed they heard my love, while I called them by my window sill.


Far away, choral heard from deep beneath the sea.

Precipitously, the moon fell and the mermaids danced to me.

I knew they sung, and sang for me until I heard them growl

They moved to close, to close with fangs and jolted the wolf to howl.

The monsters rose, the gypsies fled, the fear spread to cloud.

The tune they crooned, they sang too much, they sang to me too loud.


Back in the deserts there was a kingdom of floras, every flora magnificent than the other, except for the very last one who was habituated on the edge of the road. She was the simplest amidst all. While all others were busy glimmering in their sweet colors and fragrance after the touch of rain, she decided to stare at the sunshine and moonlight wondering how to sparkle the world around her. Due to her distance she chose in both the homing and thoughts, she would often be undervalued and criticized by the other beauties and as well by most in the kingdom.

As the seasons passed by the kingdom kept blooming, in their colors and perfume and every flora was noticed more than before. On the other hand, the little one on the edge worked to burrow her roots strong and expanded, expanding everyday to get one crawl closer to the road she gazed at. And for this she had to face her mud every day, damaging the littlest corner of her petal and burrowing her scent in her roots. For this, she was often seen as a disgust, too little and too low by the rest of the floras. Even the breeze those flew by, decided not to touch her for days, except for a very light breeze once. This breeze smelled her fragrance she burrowed and wanted to be the only one to touch and feel it so it decided to visit her every day. Whilst all other breezes would flatter the movements of the gentle petals of other floras, this breeze only visited her telling her how different of a charm she was. There were days she wouldn’t let the breeze puff her, but there came days when she began to enjoy dancing in the breeze’s blow and just when she would let the breeze have a small taste of her aroma, something happened…

With every other breeze, this breeze decided to change its direction towards the kingdom and never showed up again. This change of course damaged that little diligent into weak and gloominess. The other floras had one more reason to taunt her again. Her roots were splintering and her road seemed far by. She wouldn’t look at the sunshine and moonlight for days and seasons.

Then one night, suddenly came a storm. The entire kingdom, all of its beauties blown away, off their roots at once! Except they failed to spread their strength at the one at the far edge, although she was shivering out of fear and cold, she decided to stand straight and fight back the storm that night. She fought and fought until the sun showed up and it was all warm once again.

She looked back at the sunshine and smiled and waited till the light filled her up once again. She stood shattered but brave, she stood broken but bold. She stood only to realize that the storm she fought spread her fragrance, now throughout the desert. She stood only to see that road she wanted to reach was now beneath her rooted feet. She stood only to realize that once again she newly Rose.

Who knows where you have been, how you made it this far. Who knows the pain of the travel yet who knows the joy of the sunshine and moonlight. Who knows, but You, the contentment of rising.

The wildest, stand strongest

                                           The wildest, stand strongest

Don’t judge your success, Judge what you Earned


Dalai Lama 14

Dalai Lama 14 said, “Judge your Success by what you had to give up, in order to get it.” Now, for most of us today “success” would be the highlight here, little do we care about the “what” that we plan to give up on and it’s obvious, for our focus is always succeeding, by hook or by crook. Many times in life we have to make certain choices and compromises, may that be of our time, sleep, rests and even relationships. Why? Because we so badly want to be successful. We are so busy making the Living that we forget to Live.
I personally believe in being ambitious, but on the cost of the precious things I already have and was gifted? No!That would never be a wise choice to make in the first place. How can you expect a person to be happy with something else and more when he cannot be content and thankful with what he already has or had? Now there, this is not to #inspire you to stop working for success. Make sure to read the whole article before you judge.

Success is when a person reaches his/her very goal he/she desired. We desire things we do not have in our possession. For someone who urges to gain something by letting go of his “already present” precious belongings would that be success? You know what’s the ugly truth? Anyone and everyone can make deals; and giving up your gifted precious possessions in order to gain something is a deal. A real success can only be achieved by a person who knows the Perfect Balance. A person who is determined and works crazy to gain his goal by protecting what he already has and was gifted with! Facing a challenge with his #precious, yet fighting to protect it and claiming his journey to his goal, now that’s my kind of Success.

Don’t let the phrase “You only know the value of a tooth when it’s gone” be your case here. The world will praise you by what they see from the outside, but what is inside will be yours to Live. Be passionate, be determined, be ambitious, be punctual, be focused but None on the cost of what you love, what was gifted to you and what gave a bright and beautiful meaning to your life. Remember you can only

Judge your success by What you are having to Give up, in order to Get It!

Who makes the Difference?

Fate was never in our hands, nor will it be, what others think and talk about us, are neither. We usually don’t control the happenings around us but the factor, over which we have the power, is controlling the peace of our mind.

People around you will never treat you the way you expect them to, so in the first place let’s just stop expecting from others (exceptions aren’t examples). But what you must keep in mind is it matters how you treat them because in the end it only reveals your identity. With your behavior you mark your individuality and uniqueness. There will come times where these very people will compel you to lose your control over yourself; these very people become the reason of your restlessness, but don’t yet let it just go. Hold on to your rope of patience little more, doesn’t matter if it has slipped a little or you are brought to the very edge of losing, hold it back. It is never worth losing up on yourself or belittling yourself over their thoughts because these very people were meant to be your test of this life and that’s it!

They will not rule over your mind, neither will they last for long to see what is going on in your life or your mind once they are done with their job. Except for those very few on whom you have probably lost to count on, will remain to hold onto your back till the end, and as said, they will be very few. Nonetheless, in the end, it will be You who will decide to lose or to win. What to lose in order to win that.

The choice will be yours to make, did you ever want it happening? Haven’t you ever dreamt it to come to pass? Will you just let them coerce into you? Would you let external factors now decide? Or is it you, who makes the difference?

Little but do we realise, it is not about the difference but Us – Saaj




Faith Faith Faith, Faith in God and faith in yourself, it is the key to success.


You will find people often telling you that it takes strength and wisdom to let go, sadly many miss out the fact that it takes up more dedicated strength, wisdom and a stronger faith to hold on. Hold onto what you believe. Because success isn’t just about working hard, but is mostly relied on your faith, it’s about fighting in what you believe while the world tries to pull you down!

While the world says its torn stories to you, make yourself the unique one and tell the world what you and your faith has won. It is not a gift every soul is blessed with but the ones who are, it took them a lot to gain it. It took them Patience, Determination and Perseverance. Like every diamond is made out of extreme heat and pressure and it is then you see it shine bright, Faith is what causes a being to stand out in the crowd and be one of its kind. It’s true, letting go of things that which do not serve you anymore requires a lot of courage and pain but striving for something you believe is not everyone’s cup of tea! Because you fight for it to hold on, you wait for it with your sheer patience that you will make it till the end, you are more than just determined. You have kept your faith, and in on reaching the end, it’s all worth the wait.

“Faith is the art of holding onto things in spite of your changing moods and circumstances.” C.s Lewis

Nobody is going to believe you, because they don’t wear your shoes and do not blame them if they don’t. It is your journey and it is you have to make it. It is you who is blessed with the inimitable eminence. So have faith, you will make it, inshaAllah!

“Commence your journey with Faith, walk through it with Patience and win it by your Perseverance”- Saaj


It’s never too late

I settled myself to give up seeing the darkness around. Feared, I lost and wouldn’t make it anymore any further. I decided to let it go. I decided to walk off, but realized why would I relinquish what is mine? Why would I let disappear of the most beautiful dream I had? If I were one step closer then, I will begin my journey all over again.

Start over, doesn’t matter if you have fallen or been thrown. The world wouldn’t remember if you were dead, it will only remember if you rose.

Most of us only dishearten ourselves by recollecting the memories of how we lost. Very few have the strength to rise up from the ruins and get themselves termed as the heroes. All you need is to believe. Believe in yourself. Believe in the strength you are gifted with.

It’s pretty and simultaneously funny how people say, “You don’t know how strong you are unless being strong is the only option you have”. Well they will keep saying and trust me they have a lot to say! And that is exactly why they are here! What you need to learn is to show them the Ray of Hope you found within yourself when they were busy “saying”, the Ray of Mercy and the Ray of Faith you lit in you while they might have told you to give up and move on. Show them the ruins are yours and if you could build it of nothing, you can always re-build out of something, out of the remains you have left.

 Ray of Hope Capture Credit: Marcel =)

Capture Credit: Marcel Rainer =)


Start over, from all that was damaged and diminished.
Start over because it’s your choice.
Start over because you believe in it
Start over because it’s never too late!

Hope and Faith

A strand of Hope would do

A strand of Hope would do.

Once upon a time, there were two friends, Hope and Faith. They always stayed together and helped each other in every little thing. One day they had a quarrel and that made them part from each other. The other day while they were on their way to daily work, separately that is, they both faced some difficulties. Hope found some tree logs blocking its way. On the other hand, Faith trying to avoid Hope on the way chose a different route to work and lost directions. Hope hoped it would remove the logs or called somebody for help from anywhere around and all it did was, hope. While Faith who would always be confident that it is not to stop, gave up even before it could start finding a way out. After hours in vain and distress they both realized what they were missing. Hope to carry out the task needed Faith, in itself, with itself. And Faith to take its first step needed Hope, inspiring, providing it the push, the thrust, the initiation that it would make it. Now the question is will they unite?

So I will let my Faith stand strong when I see the ray of Hope

So I will let my Faith stand strong when I see the ray of Hope

Yes, Hope and Faith, the two different terms of almost, a synonym maybe? Well, they do have differences but I wouldn’t deny the fact that they go hand in hand. In every person the presence of both of these are very essential. One without hope cannot think of gaining any push in the first place in life and one without faith cannot proceed to fulfill his/her hopes. Hope and faith, both in own self is the key. You are confident, brave, independent, positive and foresighted this is when you know you are ready for your battle (wait on! Nobody asked you to take up that armor, take it easy pal!). This battle is more about you moving forward and staying firm that You will make it till the end, it is about You not to give up. And for that all you are going to need is, keep the hope up and faith coming from within you, that’s it. Let the society be your enemy, they were meant to be your exam!
This was my 3rd post on my first ever blog (this post is a little modified of course). And I would lie to myself if I said it is not my most favorite. I probably cannot explain enough how inspired I got while I pressed these words and you know its beauty? It still inspires me as if I am reading it for the very first time. It’s the trick; the magic power was built in you 😉

So let the Hope within you Rise and the Faith push you Forth.